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January 2009

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Writer's Block: Spilling Secrets

What secret (your or someone else's) do you wish you'd done a better job of keeping?
Uhm no one really tells me any secrets.
I don't really have incredibly close friends
that do tell me everything.
I mean Taylor is amazing really.
She's the perfect friend when I want to
be goofy & have fun. 
But when it comes time to talk about
things like: fears, boys, life in general
she's not really the person.

Track is amazing.
I feel like I'm meeting new people,
even though I'm not.
These people that I rarely ever talk to,
are awesome.
Natasha & I have gotten wayy closer.
I love her she is radd :]

Erica was talking to me alot lately 
really thought things might be 
getting better. But guess what, nope.
Things are the same. No matter what
I do. I miss her like crazy :[

I miss Shayna too.
I haven't had a friend over in weeks, months.

I need my friends.
I need them more than anything.

Blah. I want one best friend.


Being lonely vs. being alone

Hi there. I happened to drop in to read the other posts after I sent in my (incredibly silly) response in and noticed yours. It resounded with me, because I know EXACTLY how you feel and EXACTLY what you are going through - it is how I felt all the way through Junior High AND High School - and, really, it has continued to a certain degree into my adult life. However, I have learned something very important - there is a big difference between being alone and being LONELY. I have met some pretty amazing people on-line over the years; I only keep touch loosely, because I tend toward depression and often it is just ... too difficult to do anything; but they are there if I need them. I've also noticed since being out of school that, the few times I've run into old schoolmates, they treated me VERY differently. it is like they FINALLY realized that being "cool" wasn't the have-all and end-all of life and that just being yourself was really much more important in the overall scheme of things - then you're not always having to jump to someone else's drums - you can happily go your own way with your own drums. But I'm rambling now - :-) How old are you, if you don't mind me asking?

The MAIN reason I wanted to write was to let you know that you are NOT alone out there - you are NOT the only one who feels this way, and you are NOT the only one who understands how you are feeling. If you ever need to talk to someone, just drop me a line. I may take awhile to answer, I may answer right away - it all depends on when I think to check in - but I really do understand. Hang in there and take care of yourself first - other people can take care of themselves, but you can't do anything for them if you aren't in any shape to care for yourself first, right?

Be well