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January 2009

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Writer's Block: Meaningful Words

What is your favorite quote? And why?
 "It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are" is my favorite quote.

I don't feel like growing up is something you have to do.
You don't have to "grow up", you can be goofy, fun, immature and mature, responsible, serious all at the same time.
Who would want to get all caught up in "growing up" when you could be having the time of your life with your 
best friends.
Who needs to get into "serious relationship" where all you do is see that one person every weekend,
and you leave your friends behind in the dust.

But when it is time to grow up, it takes courage because in the end every one is scared to grow up,
no matter what anyone says. Then once you do "grow up"  you can be whoever you are.

Usually I tend to care way to much about what other people think, but you wanna know what its hard not to.
I know for a fact that I am incredibley insecure about nearly everything I do. Which I hate because it's almost keeping
me from being who I am.
I also know that I am probably one of the most jealous people on the face of the earth, I look through myspace and get jealous.
All the girls I see, smiling with their best friend, being extremely "thin". It's hard not to be jeaous of that.
I know that if one of my friends were to read this they would say "Tara, no you don't need to be like anybody else, or you're perfect the way you are, or stop thinking like that.." I hate when people say that to me.
No one knows me, except me.
No one understands me, except me.
No one knos how I feel all the time, except me.
So when people say that to me, their wrong plain & simple.
I don't want to be the person I am right now.
I want to change.
My "body" and my thinking.
I just want a little similarities to the girls I'm jealous of.
I don't want to be insecure or jealous anymore.
I'm sick of it.